The Chicago Voice-Over Success Program, is a recent addition to the New York Voice-Over Success Program created in 1994. This program is tailored to the specific needs of each student which prepares individuals to learn, understand, and incorporate communication skills necessary to excel as voice-over artists.

Here, the student is given all the tools they need to move forward into the professional world of voice overs.

Program details are as follows:

The first step is a free evaluation to determine if the candidate qualifies for the program. Qualification usually consists of a good speaking voice, being able to take direction, and having acting ability. Although previous education and experience in the entertainment industry can be helpful, is not required; we believe the candidate either does have natural talent or does not.


If selected, the student will have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to succeed in the business, and get the opportunity to work with Daniel on a one to one basis.

Every person has a unique talent and Daniel will always give personalized coaching and great attention in order to bring out and develop that talent, so that the student is ready to go into the studio to record a great sounding, personalized demo.

At the recording studio the student will work with an engineer, and be directed by Daniel. They will make a professional, digitally recorded voice-over CD that will be used as a calling card for agents and casting directors. In this way, they will have the tools necessary to move forward into the professional arena, and start procuring high paying voice over work.

In addition, every student will be personally guided by Daniel how to contact the agents.

We hope that you will become very successful and therefore send us many referrals. Please email us at We will tell you about our reasonable package deals, or the installment plan. We'll also be happy to schedule your free evaluation at a convenient time for you. In the meantime, we wish you good luck.